Binomial name:
Allium cepa

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Genus: Allium
Species: A. cepa

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Onion close relatives include the garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion, Onion has a long, intertwined history with humans. There is evidence that Allium cepa has been cultivated in Egypt for millennia. Often eaten with garlic, vegetables, proteins, and a diversity of spices,
Although there are several species of wild onion, Allium cepa is known to have a long history of use in traditional herbalism and has been cultivated for millennia. Onion is not only a delight to eat but also provides wellness supporting qualities. Delicious in an array of culinary dishes, onion minced can be added to broths, soups, stews, and sauces. Pungent and savory, our organic minced onion is the largest cut size of our dried onion offerings.

Cultivated since prehistoric times, onions were mentioned in the tomb paintings in Egypt as early as 3200 BCE and written about by the Sumerians in 2400 BCE. Archeologists discovered small onions in the eye sockets of Rameses the 4th, who died in 1160 BCE. The Egyptians felt that the onion, with all its concentric layers, represented eternal life. This being said, there were certain sects of Egyptian priests that were forbidden to eat the onion, but there doesn’t seem to be any recorded reason for this taboo.

The familiar garden vegetable has many medicinal applications, is easy to grow and can be administered in a multitude of ways. It has certain antiseptic properties and was used up through the Civil War for cleaning wounds. Can be used in teas and is very rarely found encapsulated. Onions and soy are used as a vegan alternative to chicken soup for colds. Onions are members of the lily family.

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