About US

Herms Company produces and exports bulk organic dried herbs, spices and seeds to the worldwide market. We control the whole herb supply chain from the farms gate to the customer warehouse. At each stage of production, our quality control staff inspects and approves each product before it is allowed to proceed to the next process.

Our professional team continuously monitors product quality to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Retained samples from all batches are thoroughly tested and compared to our customer’s specifications to verify authenticity. All lot samples are kept and can be traced for verification.

We are dedicated to producing the best quality, embracing the latest good manufacturing Practices. We are environmentally and socially responsible and dedicated to preserving plants and providing safe to quality.


Who We Are?

Herms Company, located at al fayoum-Egypt, is one of the leading Egyptian suppliers of organic dried herbs, spices and seeds. Herms Company is marked by being a full-fledged company, saying that, all phases associated with the production process, starting from farming up to coming up with an end product under one roof.

The quality of our products, customer satisfaction, punctual delivery, and high service are our highest priorities. With our modern machinery and professional personnel, we have made a commitment to continued excellence in product quality.

Direct self-farming and production ensure that the integrity of our products is consistent and the finest quality available. We continually monitor our raw materials and our working team to assure they meet the requirements.



Our products are exported to worldwide based on two main things: the high quality and competitive price. We are interested in presenting the product as a value, and our competitive prices didn’t prevent us from preserving the value of the product. That’s because we are who cultivate, dried, and processing. So the best color, odor, cut size and Purity the most important thing that our customers praise in our products.


What Is Our Philosophy?

At Herms our first priority is Quality. Superior quality has all ways been the target at Herms Company. Herms’s belief is that” quality is an endless process and it is always subject to continual improvement”. Our mission is to supply our customers a product of top and safe quality. Also, a long-run strategy is adopted to establish a well-reputed, long term and praiseworthy business, Moreover, we strive to support natural sustainable organic agriculture practices that serve, honor and protect Mother Nature. High-quality products and customer satisfaction are the main targets set by our management.

Our Contributions to Organic Agriculture

During recent decades there has been an increasing focus on the environmental impact of farming. Also, organic farming has gained increasing interest as an environmentally friendly production system. When the world started to focus on the cleaning environment farming we were the pioneers of this field. So we have always cared about the future and its modern standards so that we can preserve the environment and keep life healthy.

WHY Herms Company?

– Actual organic high safe quality products
– Fulfillment of commitments despite any expected market fluctuation
– Wide range of products
– Modern machinery with high production capacity
– Punctual delivery
– Reliable business partnership
– 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
– Excellent customer service
– Competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

Our Name from History,

Since ancient times in Egypt, the Egyptians have shown their remarkable skills with herbs. Ancient Papyrus scrolls have reference to over 700 herbal remedies; the ancient Egyptians also used simple remedies but were very effective. Many years have passed since then, but Egypt is still known for planting high-quality herbs in the form of seeds, flowers, and leaves. Since Pharaonic times, El Fayoum territory has been most famous for herb and spice Cultivation. Some papyruses which have survived more than 5000 years ago elucidate ancient Egyptians’ interest in herbs. They show that garlic, onion, and juniper were used by ancient Egyptians to cure various diseases. In King Ramses III’s reign, cannabis was also used for treating some of the eye diseases. In addition, juice of poppy was used to soothe crying infants. There are also a lot of other prescriptions of many diseases engraved on various papyruses like Edwin Smith’s Papyrus and Herms Papyrus.

Our Mission

It is our belief that you can get power only by owning the raw material. Having the product at our own controlled farms & keeping an eye upon it all over production stages is our cornerstone of providing superior quality. This makes us able to offer products with high quality and still at competitive prices. And no doubt, such factors make the difference…

Such a whole control of all supply chains must come from cooperation not only among ourselves but cooperation with our customers, researchers, farmers and the key people in the markets we serve.


Our Vision

We combine our knowledge about customers ever and changing needs, then concentrate on development of advanced manufacturing techniques, creating competitive prices, Constant updating of quality control department and through the pursuit of excellence, innovation & inspiration we aim to continuously improve ourselves.